Here's What I'm Hearing from You

The Border.

You're concerned about what's happening and the lack of security on the border. We need a representative in our district who will truly fight and not take No for an answer about our border. Our representative voted against a bill that would increase penalties for misrepresenting a child's identity at a port of entry into our country. Human trafficking is wrong on every level, and we need to address it.

I promise that I am that representative who hears and will act on your concerns about the border, because our current representative is not and will never work to secure our border.


So many people live paycheck to paycheck, but the policies of this Democrat administration and its Democrat representatives - like the one in our district - don't care and won't do anything to stop it.

They might try to blame it on Putin, but those "I did that!" stickers with Joe Biden's face on them started appearing on gas pumps long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

President Biden promised to get rid of fossil fuels, and that began the slide into higher inflation. Transportation costs not only affect our commute, but the costs to get products to the shelves, and you and your family pay the price for that.

If you elect me, I'll fight for Texas energy independence again to help keep life affordable for all of us.

Safety and Crime.

Crime in every urban area run by Democrat politicians try to diminish the work our police can do to stop crime in our neighborhoods. Our current representative voted against a bill that would have established penalties for cities that reduce police funding. She focuses far more on being the chair of the Black Caucus than being a representative for all of the people in our district.

Crime happens when criminals commit crime. Liberal DA's who refuse to prosecute crimes only encourages criminals to commit more crime. Enough is enough.


Texas is failing our children. Right now, only 34% of Texas third graders can read at grade level and are proficient in math, 34%. Yet concerned parents are being classified as domestic terrorists and Muffins with Mom has turned into Donuts with Drag Queens. As your Texas state representative, I will fight for transparency, battle the whole ideology that's creeped into our curriculum, and make schools teach again.
Pol Adv Paid for by Mondick for House District 95