Parents have the right to choose how their child is educated. Every child should have access to quality education, free from government interference and certainly free from the strings attached to education funding.

I believe in the power of quality public education. However, the current system is broken. Administrative bloat, ineffective curriculum, and misappropriation of funds have all contributed to a failing school system that has left 60% of Texas children unable to read at grade level.

Let's bring the basics back and include life skills like financial literacy and civics so our kids can succeed. We need trade programs and apprenticeships offered at every school, ensuring that the future of Texas is full of well-rounded individuals who can flourish and contribute to our society.

Public Safety & Criminal Justice:

I will support initiatives that increase border security, combat human trafficking, and expand protection from cyber threats. Crime in my zip code alone is 146% higher than the national average. This is unacceptable. I believe our Police Departments should be well funded (including pension protection) and have access to training programs that ensure a strong and resilient police force. Municipalities and local governments should incur penalties for defunding their police departments.

Economic Growth & Development:

We must first address the issues we face as a country on the local and state level. Texans should fight to eliminate unchecked and out-of-control federal and state spending. I believe we should continually see new economic growth and development opportunities, and this includes less regulation and more incentives for small businesses. I believe we need straight-forward and timely licensing and permit policies for new business. Legislation addressing our current policies will attract new entrepreneurs and allow our district to flourish.

Individual Rights & Freedom:

I believe in the rights afforded to all Texans under both the United States and Texas Constitutions. I will not support any measure that aims to diminish or infringe upon these rights. This includes fighting against legislation that allows for government overreach, creating new laws that protect the rights of citizens, and limiting state/federal mandates or restrictions for Texas businesses and/or employers. I will strive to protect the 2nd Amendment as well as the liberties & freedoms guaranteed to each and every citizen.

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